To Know More

After I graduated with a doctoral degree and began work in the field I’ve been striving towards for several years, I found myself at a crossroads. Faced with an ill parent and needing to come home, I took a chance on C + I. I had remembered attending a party a couple years ago and the quality of the jewelry and unique pieces inspired by places around the world always stuck with me. I took that chance. It’s been a steep learning curve combining two different careers, but I’ve learned so much.


After some thought, I realize I want to know more.  Through Chloe and Isabel, I’ve been provided with training in marketing, e-commerce, branding, jewelry design, business, self development, and entrepreneurship.  Yet, it’s only the surface and only the beginning.  I want to know more, as always.  I’m curious.  Once I start a project or endeavor, I find myself wanting to dig deeper.  Therefore, I’m starting to look into degree programs that include instruction leading to an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship…perhaps even international business.  I already have a doctorate, but fortunately the program I am learning more about allows you to take prerequisites after acceptance.  However, there is yet another degree that would mean starting over and that includes an Bachelors in Jewelry Design to learn more.  I’ve already have some handy books about jewelry saved on my Amazon wish list.  I cannot wait to clear my reading list (it never ends!) so that I can read through these books!  In fact, it’s awakening the kid in me; I used to collect rocks and did so for a long time.

Of course, I won’t be enrolling in courses only for personal projects that are of interest to me.  They’ll be used for so much more.  This will be a long term goal…a very long term goal.  That will be the subject of another blog for another day!  Let’s just say I’d like to work on combining my background in medicine and public health with business to benefit local rural communities.

What I can do for now, with my limited education in business, is  offer individuals the chance to better their financial situation and future with the opportunity to become a Chloe and Isabel merchandiser.  You’ll learn so much and can include your own personality into their brand to own your business.  So, whether you’d like to be a customer, passport rewards member, hostess, or merchandiser, I’ll be happy to help connect you to this amazing company. Looking forward to the coming months! #entrepreneur #dreams#learning #jewelry #jewelryindustry #retail#sales #branding #marketing#selfdevelopment #merchandise

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