To Know More

After I graduated with a doctoral degree and began work in the field I’ve been striving towards for several years, I found myself at a crossroads. Faced with an ill parent and needing to come home, I took a chance on C + I. I had remembered attending a party a couple years ago and the quality of the jewelry and unique pieces inspired by places around the world always stuck with me. I took that chance. It’s been a steep learning curve combining two different careers, but I’ve learned so much.


After some thought, I realize I want to know more.  Through Chloe and Isabel, I’ve been provided with training in marketing, e-commerce, branding, jewelry design, business, self development, and entrepreneurship.  Yet, it’s only the surface and only the beginning.  I want to know more, as always.  I’m curious.  Once I start a project or endeavor, I find myself wanting to dig deeper.  Therefore, I’m starting to look into degree programs that include instruction leading to an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship…perhaps even international business.  I already have a doctorate, but fortunately the program I am learning more about allows you to take prerequisites after acceptance.  However, there is yet another degree that would mean starting over and that includes an Bachelors in Jewelry Design to learn more.  I’ve already have some handy books about jewelry saved on my Amazon wish list.  I cannot wait to clear my reading list (it never ends!) so that I can read through these books!  In fact, it’s awakening the kid in me; I used to collect rocks and did so for a long time.

Of course, I won’t be enrolling in courses only for personal projects that are of interest to me.  They’ll be used for so much more.  This will be a long term goal…a very long term goal.  That will be the subject of another blog for another day!  Let’s just say I’d like to work on combining my background in medicine and public health with business to benefit local rural communities.

What I can do for now, with my limited education in business, is  offer individuals the chance to better their financial situation and future with the opportunity to become a Chloe and Isabel merchandiser.  You’ll learn so much and can include your own personality into their brand to own your business.  So, whether you’d like to be a customer, passport rewards member, hostess, or merchandiser, I’ll be happy to help connect you to this amazing company. Looking forward to the coming months! #entrepreneur #dreams#learning #jewelry #jewelryindustry #retail#sales #branding #marketing#selfdevelopment #merchandise

Casual or Dress up?

laurenmirabelleJust went to the movies in this to see The Darkest Hour! Highly recommended! I love how you can use this necklace to play it up at a wedding or special event or dress up your casual grey sweater to go to a movie. 🙂 I love how these floral shapes sparkle against antique gold plating! Feel free to find it in my boutique. Please see link in bio! #Carriere #Mississippi #Biloxi #casual #wedding #bridesmaid #floral #crystal #vintage #bridal #antique #gold

More current news of my comings and goings!  🙂



Increase Workplace Morale


Tired of the grind? Here’s a chance to bond with your coworkers and shake up your work routine!!! Hold an in-office popup during lunch or get together with colleagues after work! Feel free to contact me and let me know if I can help improve relationships in the office.  It’ll definitely increase workplace morale!!!   #workplace #morale #popup #popupshop #jewelry #social #joy #free #friends #picayune #neworleans #slidell #biloxi #gulfport #carriere #passchristian #diamondhead #hammond #metairie #gulfport #hattiesburg #meridian #coworkers #colleagues #professional #manicmonday #yolo #carpediem #work #office #funatwork


Getting to Remote Year Challenge

2018 So been thinking in between training and spending time with family, and where I stand now. It will be tough, but thinking that I will go ahead as planned with Remote Year. As you know, I was accepted and due to leave at the end of April. That means I seriously need to raise funds to get the $2000/month required for four months + money for food at the very least.

If you can please share with anyone you know that is interested in any of these services, please share with them. Any amount will help. I’m also willing to hear about remote work (preferably related to health).

I’m going for professional development, personal development, and to experience new cultures. It’s a dream! 🙂

Help me make it to Vietnam in April! Thanks!


The Power of a Network

OK, this is my third time painting but not bad for a scientist developing her creative side and entrepreneurial skills!

This was my a painting done at my first networking and personal development event with a professional association, the NAPW, or National Association of Professional Women.  It was definitely worth it, and I learned so much from how to connect with your community to public speaking to a nonprofit helping communities in Africa have access to clean water.  I met an amazing group of professional women and had a blast!  These women are doing incredible things!

Of course, I decided to attend in style with the amulet statement ring from our fall line! Now off to support that NGO. It makes me appreciate what I have, that’s for sure.  Have a great day! Cheers, LaurenNetwork

The Person Behind the Brand

These past few weeks have been quite a learning experience as a brand new entrepreneur. So as someone brand new to the field, I’ll begin telling my story along with my C + I in future posts. Introducing my CV in a nutshell! 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll get a better picture of the person behind the brand. Videos to come…perhaps from Charleston, SC. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset1977 – born in New Orleans

2000 – graduated from LSU with degree in clinical laboratory science

2000 – begins work as clinical laboratory scientist for the VAMC in New Orleans and West Jefferson Medical Center

2002 – graduated from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with degree in Parasitiology

2004 – Research Fellow for CDC

2006 – Parasitologist for State of Georgia

2008- Accepted into the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology

2014 – Graduates from Hopkins with DrPH degree and begins work for Georgia TB Program

2017 – Takes on role as merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel



It’s been a wild, amazing ride. More to come!



Finding your Voice – Scientist Turned Entrepreneur

It’s been almost two months since I first started on this new life course of becoming an entrepreneur AND a scientist.

About me:

I’ve been a scientist for almost 20 years

I have always had an analytical mind.  I love solving problems!  I guess this is why turning towards an additional role as entrepreneur was a recent event.  I’m still finding my way and learning a lot!  The learning has been both academic and on-the-job!

New challenges:

  • meeting face to face with business owners
  • gaining knowledge in entrepreneurship through
  • I’m also personally developing, which is an added bonus, while I learn how best to serve my clients.


So what am I thinking about today?

My voice.  I’ve spent so many years on my studies.  (I have a doctorate by the way.)  So now I’m focusing on me for awhile and learning how I express myself.



I LOVE this necklace I’m wearing today. It definitely dresses up my my basic olive green tee!


This fall’s latest, the Amulet Statement Pendant necklace, features a BOLD mix of materials. You’ll definitely be noticed AND complimented! 🙂

Don’t forget, you can get rings and bracelets from the collection with the buy 2, get 1 free sale going on now through September 30th! Ask me any questions you’d like. I’ll take the time to help you with personal styling and holiday gifting ideas!



Great Customer Experience + Fall Style


Spreading the news about fall exclusives! Treat yourself before the holiday rush!  Chose from a core piece or from the latest collection, the African Plains stackable rings. As always, I’m here to help you with your own styling needs. I’ll take the time to answer your questions about styling or gifting!

Enjoy! #jewelry #fall #autumn #neutrals #fallneutrals #statementnecklace#chloeandisabe #customerservice #greatexperience

Pictured above is the Jet Octagon Convertible necklace! This is the ideal piece for day to night and can be worn in multiple ways! It can be worn with all three rows or you can remove the convertible piece to make it longer or you can up your personal style game with a minimal look of the jet black glass piece with antique gold! Very elegant! Very classy!

Treat yourself

C + I is on the road and from now until September 30th, you can buy 2, get 1 free! This means a lot of affordable necklaces can be yours! 😉 Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to see the jewelry in-person and I can meet you this weekend! Thanks!#sale #jewelry#chloeandisabel #popup #2for1 #twoforone 2for1